Straightforward 2nd Edition

Straightforward has come of age and has been treated to a review and an upgrade! Things change so fast these days and become obsolete so quickly that topics, articles and images in this series have been up-dated to make sure your classroom is still relevant to today's world, while digital components, such as interactive whiteboard and online practice material, offer a more blended solution to teaching with Straightforward. And what's more, you, as a teacher, can monitor your students' progress online.

All the teachers' old favorites are still here though, meaning it will still be a joy to teach with. Lessons offer a balanced mix of language input, skills work and oral tasks, with a systematic and extensive lexical syllabus to enrich students' topic-based vocabulary and develop an awareness of lexical patterns. All language points are clearly signposted and scaffolded so there is great clarity of learning progression.

What makes Straightforward 2nd Edition special?

- The supporting interactive whiteboard material projects the entire Student's Book onto the big screen and embeds all the audio, video, answers and a host of games.

- Each Workbook has a partial Macmillan Reader for the relevant level at the back of the book, as well as a dedicated writing course.

- The comprehensive Teacher's Book now contains a Teacher's Resource Disc which includes twelve 2-3 min video clips of authentic footage from the BBC and ITN (UK television networks) per level, and new methodology videos from Jim Scrivener's Learning Teaching Third Edition.

- A new online practice component is now accessible using a code in the Student's Book, including a new interactive word list with pronunciation, over 130 interactive activities per level, and a markbook facility that teachers can connect to and follow students' progress.

- The resource website for teachers, offers additional reading texts and teaching support.


Niveles: Beginner - Elementary - Pre-intermediate - Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate - Advanced

Alcance: CEFR / A1 - C1

Carga horaria: 8+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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