Tiger Time

Ideal for: Primary teachers looking for a smooth grammar grading and interesting vocabulary development.

Tiger Time is a new vibrant six-level course based around different settings and characters, which grow and change with the students reflecting their evolving interests and needs.

Units contain humorous stories told through different genres, which use everyday language as well as catchy songs, chants and raps at the lower levels. Within each unit lessons are carefully structured focusing first on vocabulary, grammar and skills, and building to CLIL, culture and projects, allowing children to practice and consolidate their learning throughout the unit. Each unit ends with a review encouraging active communication.

Written with classroom management in mind, activities are practical and well-staged. The accompanying Presentation Kit and Teacher’s Resource Centre help teachers create dynamic lessons, which cater to diverse classroom situations. The Student`s Resource Centre provides a home-school connection offering extra activities and support.

Key Features:

- Graded approach to teaching grammar and vocabulary

- Strong strand of CLIL, cultural awareness and values in each unit

- Digital flashcards

- Level 1 in block capitals

- Flexible teaching approach with optional integrated digital components at www.macmillanyounglearners.com/tigertime:

*Student`s Resource Centre

*Teacher's Resource Centre

*Teacher's Presentation Kit


Niveles: 1-2-3-4-5-6

Carga horaria: 3-5 horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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