New Open Mind British Edition

Open Mind encourages students to become independent learners and analyse their own progress through the functional language and grammar syllabus built into the course. This, combined with a unique life skills theme running through the course, helps them become well-rounded individuals as well as confident speakers of English.

The philosophy behind Open Mind is that in order to answer the needs of 21st century students, a language course needs to engage with them on many levels. Open Mind targets students’ language needs but also provides them with the professional, academic and personal skills they need for all-round success.

Vibrant, well-rounded and engaging, the course is packed with high-quality authentic video material, strong visuals and topics that get students talking. The course is flexible with options for digital delivery, and the strong life skills strand underpins the course.

What makes New Open Mind special?

- Integrated and flexible online components give users access to everything they need in one place. The Online Workbook provides consolidation of the language and skills and includes video and audio activities, as well as full markbook functionality with student and teacher access. The Presentation Kit is an interactive version of the Student’s Book for IWBs, designed to engage students and teachers with its interactive, heads-up delivery options. And the Student’s and Teacher’s Resource Centres, containing downloadable audio and video and lots more material, add to the range of dynamic components.

- ‘Life skills’ are a core feature prominent in the syllabus, with the different skills organised into three key domains: Self and Society, Work and Career, Study and Learning.

- A strong focus on functional language helps learners with their fl uency and their speaking skills.

- Grammar sections focus on meaning, form and function. A grammar reference section provides clear grammar explanations and exercises.

- Support for speaking tasks with clearly-labelled functional language.

- Speaking and Writing workshops offer self- and peer-assessment features. Authentic video content and video worksheets. 

Niveles: Beginner - Elementary Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate - Advanced

Alcance: CEFR / A1 - C1

Carga horaria: 8+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

For Students

Student's Book Pack  

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For Teachers

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