Ideal for: Secondary teachers focusing on developing the four skills in the context of the 21st century classroom.

Beyond is a new vibrant six-level course for teenagers, with a focus on developing strong linguistic skills as well as teaching the wider strategies your students need to improve as language learners.

Beyond follows a practical sub-skills syllabus, equipping students with strategies they can transfer to other areas of their education. The age-appropiate, 21st century life skills lessons ensure students not only develop academically, but also grow into considerate and confident individuals. The regular use of multimedia materials, class and homework activities on the Resource Centres ensures that your students are learning from a variety of resources.

Key Features

- Carefully researched and planned sub-skills syllabus

- Life skills lesson in every unit

- Two separate video strands bring the pages to life

- Flexible multimedia components:

---Teacher`s Resource Centre

---Student’s Resource Centre

---Online Workbook

---Teacher's Presentation Kit

---And more at


Niveles: 6 niveles: A1+ / A2 / A2+ / B1 / B1+ / B2

Alcance: A1+ / B2

Carga horaria: 5 - 10 horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

For Students

Student's Book




For Teachers

Teacher's Book Premium Pack with:

- Teacher's Resource Centre

- Presentation Kit

- Online Workbook