Breakthrough Plus

Breakthrough Plus is a flexible, multi-skills course that builds young adult and adult learners’ confidence to help them express themselves in English. It provides a supportive environment for students to develop at a pace they feel comfortable with. Appealing content, a fresh design, and a digital version of the Student Books for classroom presentation and additional practice with gradebook functionality, combine to create a truly blended, content-rich program, covering high-interest themes in a thorough but accessible way.

This communication-focused course features frequent humorous references and interesting cultural insights as students discover the opinions and experiences of other young people like themselves, on topics and issues they can really relate to. This also gives students the chance to hear a range of different accents, reflecting the fact that English is an international language.

What makes Breakthrough Plus special?

- The Digibook provides an on-screen version of the Student Book with integrated audio, plus additional interactive practice with over 120 activities, videos and gradebook functionality.

- Teachers have access to all the student content of the Digibook, as well as additional support material: photocopiable resources, a test generator program and answer keys.

- There is a strong emphasis on skills, in particular on listening and speaking, with sub-skills (such as conversation strategies, or listening for opinion), clearly signposted in the Expansion section.

- Authentic, natural language is presented and practiced through clear, contextualized and achievable tasks.

- A broad, international, cross-cultural flavor goes hand-in-hand with a range of native and non-native speaker accents.

- The program offers genuine flexibility: teachers can 'pick and mix' through the sections, adapting the course to the needs of each class without it losing its integrity.

- Breakthrough Plus has strong links to the CEFR, with regular student self-assessment checks and ‘Can do’ statement signposting. 

Niveles: Intro - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Alcance: CEFR / A1 - B2

Carga horaria: 4+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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