Tiny and You

Ideal for: Teachers looking for a communicative introduction to the world of English

Tiny and you is a two-level course especially thought for 6 and 7-year-olds. Tiny, a cute and lovable character, will introduce children to the new language and will make it memorable for them.

The stories and songs in Tiny and you give children the opportunity to learn the new language and vocabulary in different scenarios. The course also includes a new approach on phonics, which allows children to identify and produce sounds easily.

By appealing to the senses of sight, sound and touch, Tiny and you will facilitate the children’s learning process in a fun and enjoyable way.

The series includes content on core subjects such as science, art, social studies, maths and PE, which are dealt with according to the age and knowledge of children at this level. A set of Posters enhance and facilitate the presentation lessons – the whole set is also available as interactive projectable posters on the Teacher’s Notes CD.

Key Features

- Writing activities are introduced as from Unit 5, only at word level and in block capitals (in Level 1)

- Extra practice activities and a final game complement the units

- The Festivities included are internationally recognized celebrations such as Music Day, Children’s Day and World Book Day

- Stickers are used to develop children’s comprehension skills, and cut-outs further exploit the vocabulary introduced in the units

- There are clearly signalled activities designed to foster children’s critical thinking

- Work on values focuses on children’s recognition of positive and negative attitudes

- In the phonics lessons sounds are introduced through chants which give children the chance to learn by playing

- The Pupil’s Book also includes fun games with cut-outs to recycle and integrate the language taught

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Niveles: Starter-1-2

Carga horaria: 1-2 horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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