Next Move

Next Move is an exciting, seven-level course that welcomes children aboard a cultural language-learning journey. The series combines diverse aspects of the real world with meaningful tasks, showing how language relates to the child’s immediate world and beyond. Personalization and comparison activities help children develop cross-cultural awareness, integrating their new knowledge into their own experience and setting them on their way to a better understanding of themselves, their culture, and the world in which they live.

As well as offering a new starter level, this enhanced edition now includes digital components for both students and teachers, incorporating videos, karaoke songs, animated phonics presentations, and grammar presentations into the lessons. Teachers are supported by multiple resources on the Teacher's Website, while children can complete fun and relevant interactivities for homework.

This seven-level course boasts a new starter level for complete beginners.

Each unit presents a different country around the world, which is used as a realistic context for introducing new language and learning about culture. The country focus enhances cross-cultural awareness through extensive personalization, and is developed through non-fiction reading. A related cross-curricular objective is explored in the Teacher's Edition.

The unique Unit Openers introducing each country and topic are highly visual, with emotionally engaging photos. Instructions are provided in the Teacher's Edition for how to expand these openers into a full lesson.

Culture Videos in the Student's DVD-ROM and Interactive Classroom extend children's knowledge of other countries and cultures, while reinforcing the language learned.

An entire lesson in each unit is dedicated to phonics (in levels 1-4), accompanied by a reading lesson which recycles target sounds, in order to help pronunciation and spelling. Animated Phonics Presentations in the Interactive Classroom support the Phonics lessons.

Values are illustrated through fictional stories in every unit, and followed up with self-assessment reflection tasks. Additional discussion points are found in the Teacher's Edition and project activities in the Workbook.

Competency development is clearly signposted in the Student's Book, and reinforced in the Teacher's Edition with an explanation of how the specific competency is being developed, to help teachers implement and evaluate competencies effectively in the classroom.

The Interactive Classroom includes projectable, interactive Student's Books and Workbooks, with embedded audio, videos and answer keys.

There is a dedicated Next Move website, which includes a Test Builder with course-specific material for every level, and prewritten tests. 

Niveles: Starter-1-2-3-4-5-6

Carga horaria: 4-6 horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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