Macmillan Mathematics

Designed for 6-12 year-old international learners, Macmillan Mathematics bridges the gap between mainstream curriculum learning and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The course aims to introduce mathematics in a simple and interesting way to develop not only a thorough understanding of mathematics, but also to foster interest, enthusiasm and confidence in mathematics. It has a comprehensive mathematical structure, and careful progression and development to ensure continuity and curriculum coverage. Multi-leveled tasks help children apply what they’ve learned to the real world.

Clear, concise explanations of concepts with a wealth of examples, exercises and word problems support learning and teaching.

One concept per lesson helps students assimilate their learning before moving on.

Tasks and problem-solving activities help children to apply what they’ve learned to the real world.

An interactive CD-ROM with 90 practice activities for each grade provides further consolidation. 

Niveles: 1A-1B - 2A-2B - 3A-3B - 4A-4B - 5A-5B - 6A-6B

Carga horaria: 3+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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