An exciting content and media-rich series, Brainwave is a six-level American English course offering a complete blended learning solution for the modern primary classroom. Offering users lots more to think about, this new edition of Brainstorm retains key elements such as reading strategies, a strong grammar program, phonics, and the inter-relation between the Student Book and Language Activity Book; while its new features enhance its challenging approach to developing young learners’ language skills with exciting new digital features and strong ESL strands such as literacy development and the following of lines of enquiry.

Brainwave is a truly blended learning solution with a rich variety of print and digital components.

A content and media-rich technology pack for the teacher includes page faithful interactive books.

Newly developed strands of ESL content challenge children with literacy development, lines of enquiry and differentiated instructions.

The online homework zone for students contains reading mazes, language games and child-focused listening material, as well as a customizable gradebook.

A strong CLIL content strand is further enhanced with supporting videos, simulations and projectable posters.

An online professional development suite provides teachers with practical methodology modules and webinars by recognized ELT experts.

A comprehensive assessment program includes progress journals for the student, a test compiler, and Transition Packs for each level, with diagnostic tests and an assessment checklist.

Niveles: 1-2-3-4-5-6

Carga horaria: 8+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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For Teachers

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