Captain Jack

Captain Jack is a two-level course for pre-primary children, designed to teach English to 4–6 year-olds. It follows a story-based approach and its syllabus covers vocabulary topics that relate to young learners’ immediate environment. It also covers areas of CLIL to make children more aware of the world around them.

Key Features

- Cross-curricular topics make children more aware of the world around them

- Worksheet activities develop children’s motor and cognitive skills with more challenging activities, such as matching, circling and sequencing

- Press-outs in the Pupil’s Book Pack bring stories to life and are suitable for different learning styles

- The Captain Jack Parrot Puppet is ideal for working on class routines and practicing target language

Niveles: 1-2

Alcance: CEFR /

Carga horaria: 1-2 horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

For Students

Student's Book Pack with Multi-ROM, Press outs and Stickers

Buddy Book


For Teachers

Teacher's Notes CD-ROM

Class Audio CD


Visual Aids