Best Buddies

Best Buddies embraces the theory that children learn through play and by being actively involved in what they do. This three-level preschool course introduces children to American English through the eyes of Buddy Bear, bringing games and fun activities into the English class to provide a believable context for the real use of English. With its integrated content, multi-sensory approach and attention to early child developmental issues, Best Buddies offers a sound basis for any young student's first English-learning experience.

What makes Best Buddies special?

- Vocabulary and grammar is highlighted at the bottom of the pages so teachers (and parents) can see at a glance what the target language is.

- Children practice auditory skills through listening activities, early literacy and numeracy skills, and critical thinking skills with classification activities, as well as developing their individual creativity.

- The Buddy story pages are reproduced at the back of the Student’s Book for children to cut out and make into Mini-books, to take home and share with their parents.

- Activity Cut-Outs at the back of the Student’s Book can be used to take part in the Buddy story, as well as for pair and group games, thereby developing social skills.

- Lesson 7 in each unit is a review lesson covering the language of the unit.

Niveles: 1-2-3

Alcance: CEFR /

Carga horaria: 4+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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