Macmillan Books for Teachers

400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards

Authors: Pete Sharma, Barney Barrett and Francis Jones

400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards provides a wealth of resources to help teachers integrate the digital board into their classrooms. It gives practical ideas for using regular programs and software for teachers new to this area, as well as advice on how to create specifically-tailored resources for teachers with greater levels of expertise and confidence. It provides systematic coverage of skills to enhance and support students’ learning, clearly organized according to skills focus, making activities easy to locate.

- It presents a fully comprehensive resource pack of activities for use on the interactive whiteboard, suggestions for project work, and Learning to Learn activities.

- Common problems and issues surrounding the use of technology in the classroom are also explored. 


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom

Author: Carol Read

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom is a lively, varied compendium of ideas and practical activities for teaching English to primary-aged children: the answer to that perennial question of “What am I going to do with my class tomorrow?”. It aims to develop an awareness of the complex factors involved in working effectively with children, offering clear methodological content to help language teachers understand the approaches behind the activities, and to lay a solid foundation in primary language teaching skills.

- It provides an indispensable, comprehensive resource pack of activities for teaching primary children.

- Further advice, ideas and suggestions are given for additional reading on the subject.


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

700 Classroom Activities

Authors: David Seymour and Maria Popova

700 Classroom Activities provides an instantly accessible repertoire of practical teaching ideas, none of which require photocopying. It includes both classroom classics that all ELT teachers come to know and love, and new activities at a range of levels from elementary to upper intermediate. The book is clearly organized, making it easy to find activities to supplement coursebooks or syllabuses, while comprehensive instructions make them easy to use.

- The activities cover four major areas: conversation, functions, grammar and vocabulary.

- The majority of the activities are short and to the point, providing on-the-spot practice for a particular structure, etc, and therefore helping teachers react to students’ needs as and when they arise.

- All the activities have been classroom-tested, and are ready to teach with no photocopying or preparation required.


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

An A-Z of ELT

Author: Scott Thornbury

An A-Z of ELT is a fully cross-referenced, alphabetical guide to ELT that defines and explains essential concepts and terminology from fields including grammar, linguistics, discourse analysis and phonology. This practical and informative guide, indispensible to teachers and teacher trainers of all levels of experience, describes language teaching techniques, methods and theories, and summarizes the major issues and debates in ELT as well as their practical implications.

- It covers all the key terms used in ELT, including explanations of common acronyms, and includes suggestions for further reading.

- Recently qualified teachers can check the meanings of new terms whilst experienced teachers will gain a more wide-ranging understanding of topics of interest.


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

Beyond the Sentence

Author: Scott Thornbury

How do we design sentences to fit their purposes? And how do we combine them to communicate meanings? Beyond the Sentence takes discourse apart to show how it is organized, describing the features and functions of different types of texts and showing how to incorporate them into language teaching. It examines what makes spoken and written text coherent and shows how an understanding of this can help students deal with the language needs of work, study and exams.

- It suggests ways to evaluate and use learners’ texts in more constructive ways.

- It includes practical ideas, activities and photocopiable tasks that are ready to be used in the classroom.


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

Blended Learning

Authors: Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett

Blended Learning is the ideal companion for any teacher interested in the use of technology in the language classroom. It provides a practical, common-sense overview of the technology currently available, unlocking some of the confusing jargon for the technological novice, while providing ideas and suggestions for enthusiasts. The authors explore practical ideas and innovative ways for using technology in the classroom to enhance and support students' learning.

- The book provides an understanding of the different technologies found in the classroom, and suggests which are best suited to different teaching styles and situations.



Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

Children Learning English

Author: Jayne Moon

Children bring to their classrooms a natural curiosity about the world. Children Learning English is a comprehensive guidebook for teachers of English to young learners, providing insights into their special characteristics, abilities and attitudes. Covering both the theory and practice of teaching English to children, it offers discovery activities and real-life examples from classrooms around the world.

- It encourages reflection on how teachers can learn from children and on how this information can be used in planning lessons and activities.

- It suggests how to adapt ideas and frameworks for teaching English to young learners.


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

Discover English

Authors: Rod Bolitho and Brian Tomlinson

Discover English is a practical guide to language awareness for teachers and teacher trainers of all levels of experience. The book is divided into two parts: in the first, the authors establish basic principles, explore common areas of difficulty and provide exercises designed to develop an awareness of language. A full key in the second part includes commentaries on the issues raised by the exercises, and insights into teaching.

- Ways of analyzing and understanding language systems are presented, as well as motivating and practical activities which lead to learning.

- The book helps students use grammar references and dictionaries successfully.


Editorial: Macmillan Publishers