Get Ready for Business

Get Ready for Business is a two-level American English course in speaking and listening, designed to help pre-professional students with little or no experience of business prepare for the world of work. The course comprises twelve topic- and function-focused units, where students are guided through a series of motivating, student-centered activities aimed at systematically developing their communicative abilities in order to increase their employment opportunities and give them the confidence to use English in the global workplace.

What makes Get Ready for Business special?

- Carefully graded materials don't assume students are familiar with the world of work.

- A focus is given on developing listening and speaking skills in business situations.

- The course is set in a workplace context with characters students can relate to.

- Viewpoints sections offer a variety of speakers' insights into aspects of culture and business.

- Ongoing project tasks allow students to use the language studied to develop their own professional and company profile

- There is an optional TOEIC® test-type practice page for each unit.

- A supportive Teacher's Guide provides expansion ideas, tests and supplementary photocopiable activities.

Niveles: 1-2

Alcance: CEFR - A2 - B1

Carga horaria: 5+ horas semanales.

Editorial: Macmillan Publishers

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